Sculpt and transform your body with this dumbbell workout program.

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Do you own a couple of dumbbells and want the best routine to sculpt your entire body at home with quick workouts? Then start FizzUp’s dumbbell workout program Build - Full Body and train like a goddess!

This revolutionary weight training program is perfect, whether you want to work out at home, while on the go or with next to no equipment at the gym. This is a three-week routine that improves your overall fitness while it sculpts and tones your entire body.

You’ll work your main muscle groups using a workout plan designed from top to bottom by the FizzUp trainer using the best dumbbell exercises, including squats, deadlifts, lunges, bench presses, biceps curls and many more!

All you have to do is the exercises! Build - Full Body program sculpts your glutes, thighs, arms, shoulders and chest and will help you burn fat if you’re eating the right diet kind of diet.

Build - Full Body is designed to progress as you progress. If you do this program to the letter, you’ll notice serious improvements in your strength, muscle mass and movements.

This dumbbell workout program mainly uses exercises that work several muscle groups, instead of one at a time, using progressive overload.

Why progressive overload? Because it's the only way to get results when you’re working with weights! Your body will only adapt and improve if you challenge it, if only a little. On the other hand, if you ask your body to do too much too soon, it won’t be long before you hit a plateau.

The Build - Full Body program applies just enough physical demand to make a positive difference in just three weeks.

Every workout is made up of four exercises and the goal is to increase either the number of repetitions, sets or the amount of weight you use.

You can do this strength training program as a full body workout routine for three weeks, then do it again and again, increasing the weight each time you start over.

If you’re looking to get stronger, more toned and in overall better shape, all you need is three weeks, two dumbbells and FizzUp’s Build - Full Body program!

  • Mallory
    "I’ve been exercising for over 10 years and have also been a member of several gyms. But now I prefer to work out at home with just a pair of weights because it’s a lot more convenient. I gotta say that this program is extremely effective and cleverly designed. I’ve made more progress in 3 weeks that I ever did after all those years at the gym! I built muscle in my legs, toned my arms and slimmed down my waist. I just feel so much better about my body confidence. Thanks, FizzUp!"
  • Amber
    "I did this program to the letter and I’m here to tell you that I was blown away by my results! These workouts sculpted my entire body and helped me easily burn fat with a couple of weights. My butt’s a little rounder, my arms are firmer and I even think my breasts are perkier! I’m really proud of how far I’ve come and can’t wait to do this routine over and over again."