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You're aching to do exercise, but you need to be quiet. Your children are napping, and you don't want to make that fussy neighbor come knocking at your door. You then reach for your phone, frantically trying to find any form of exercise that you think is appropriate. You almost feel hopeless, but then breathe a sigh of fresh air as you're relieved to find that FizzUp has a Zero noise program.

You’ll no longer have your neighbors or flatmates constantly heckling you. Zero noise is open to all who strive to be in better shape daily without creating a single sound.

Even though getting a sweat on in your living room seems to be a fool-proof way to integrate exercise into your daily routine, it can often have a significant limiting factor if you live in an apartment or with housemates: noise.

There is, however, a solution: a complete 3-week program without equipment that offers low-impact and noise-free exercises: Zero noise.

3 times per week you’ll have access to 20-30 minutes of unique low-impact training, including:

Comprehensive full-body strength training Quiet cardio with low-impact exercises Dynamic and static abs training Sets of stretching exercises

Not only will you train without creating impact and noise, but you’ll also be able to relieve your joints and prevent pains and injuries, due to the program's carefully selected exercises.

Low-impact exercises are the best exercises you can do when you live in an apartment.

To help you most effectively get in shape, you can adapt exercises to your current level and gradually increase their intensity and duration through the application’s settings.

No longer will you need to worry about waking your neighbors or having to train in a gym during quiet hours. Zero noise is your daily dose of sport to strengthen your entire body without damaging your joints or producing a decibel!

Ready to give it your all? Let’s do this!

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Start Zero noise

Body zones

Pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, hips, thighs.

Start Zero noise


Start Zero noise


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