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Have you decided to start working out? Are you looking for a workout program that will give you a workout but protect your joints at the same time? Zero impact is the FizzUp program which will get you back in shape without having to jump about! This impact free program gets you moving so you can get back in shape without injurying yourself. The workout routines have been designed to improve fitness without needing equipment or lots of workout space. Whether you are a beginner, a senior, out of shape, coming back from injury or if you suffer from joint problems, start this program now and get back in shape with a regular physical activity. The Zero impact workouts are designed for maximum gain with minimal investment. This 3 week program can be done at home and is designed to get you back in shape without impacting your joints and it does not require great physical condition to start with. No equipment is required (a chair will suffice) and the workouts do not need a lot of space. There are 3 workouts per week, each less than 20 minutes long. Each workout will gently work your muscles, your cardio capacity and your core. In this original get fit program you can adapt the exercises to your level and gradually increase the intensity and duration via the settings. Every workout has a wide variety of easy to execute exercises. There are no jumps and the workouts are adapted to all levels of physical fitness. After a short warm up, your workout will start with a strength session or low impact cardio. The exercise are designed to protect your joints. The strength and cardio sessions will be followed by core and balance workouts for your abs. These will help improve your posture and avoid injury. Finally you can choose to do some stretches that will help with your flexibility and mobility. You don't need to stress yourself out doing high intensity workouts. This low impact program will improve your overall health and physical fitness without injurying your joints. The Zero impact program is for anyone who wants to get fit the simplest way possible.

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Start Zero impact

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Biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, glutes, calves, back, shoulders, hips, thighs.

Start Zero impact


Start Zero impact


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