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Your quest for a sculpted, toned and strengthened upper body without requiring special equipment ends here! Upper body, the body weight muscle strengthening program for women is ready for you!

With FizzUp you can totally transform your upper body in a short amount of time without needing dumbbells, barbells or machines. An exercise mat, 2 m² of space and three weeks are all you need to complete this program.

Upper body is a new strength workout program for women, based on 3 workouts per week that brings a whole new approach to your training. Every day contains unique workout blocks with their own progression cycle.

You will develop your upper body strength with various exercises that don’t require equipment: different push-ups, dips, dynamic planks, core workouts, back strengthening exercises...nothing is missed out! All of your upper body will be worked out with maximum efficiency.

You will gain muscle, strength and explosive power, your upper body endurance will improve and help you progress physically and in other sports.

You will even start to perfect certain complex exercises. FizzUp aims to help you progress.

Sculpting your upper body becomes childs play with the Upper body program. Just follow the coach’s instructions: exercises, series, repetitions, rest time, everything is calculated for you. No need to think, just do!

Each workout is unique so that you don’t get bored of working out. Every day new exercises are suggested with new and unique workout blocks to target all the upper body muscles.

This home workout program for women respects the fundamental principles of gradual increase in volume. The human body is very intelligent and adapts to what we ask of it. If you don’t challenge yourself, there will be no improvement but if you do too much your progress will be limited. This program applies just the right amount of pressure on the body to bring about fantastic results in just 3 weeks.

You will become stronger, more resilient and more toned with FizzUp. If you follow the plan this program will transform your upper body.

This program for women can be done as a workout routine for 3 weeks then repeated with increased difficulty via the application settings.

Don’t wait any longer, radically change your strength workout routine without equipment with FizzUp’s Upper body program.

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Start Upper body

Body zones

Glutes, adductors, trapezius, forearms, abs, shoulders, arms.

Start Upper body


Start Upper body


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