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Want to run as far, quick, and for as long as possible without a single injury? FizzUp has what you need to become unstoppable!

Instead of opting for the latest pair of running shoes, try this recovery program made for running.

Open to all runners, the 9 sessions in this program let you effectively recover between your runs, all in less than 10 minutes.

You’ll be able to hit the streets or escape to the mountains for as long as you want. You’ll feel free knowing that you’ve prepared your body adequately against the risk of injury.

For all runners, beginner to advanced, warming up before a run is a well-known practice, but everything post-run and recovery between sessions is often overlooked.

Runners are known for having numerous persistent injuries and other physical problems due to this high-impact activity. Knees, ankles, hips, lower back, muscles, and tendons are all put at risk when running. With each stride, your lower body undergoes impact.

Your overworked muscles and tendons can develop scarred tissue, strain, and imbalances that compromise your performance and raise your risk of both common and chronic injuries such as tendinitis, tendinopathies, patellar syndrome, tendon ruptures, and tears.

This program gives you comprehensive sessions which offer two distinct blocks of training to optimize your running performance and your well-being, all without equipment:

A stretching block will relax the muscles recruited during your running session, develop your flexibility, ease tensions and prevent injuries. Hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, back, and calves are focused on in particular. A mobility block for your joints and muscles will reduce pains, discomfort, and injuries.

With Stretch run, you’ll reduce your risk of injury and improve longevity for one of the most popular forms of cardio. Prepare to give running your all: ready, set, go!

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Start Stretch run

Body zones

Abs, adductors, calves, back, hips, thighs.

Start Stretch run


Start Stretch run


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