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Surpass your limits and perfect your street workout skills with FizzUp!

The Street Workout program contains 3 weeks of 100% calisthenics-based training that can be done at your local calisthenics park.

Throughout each unique session, you’ll sharpen your technique on fundamental street workout movements and gain strength, muscle, agility, core strength, power, and mobility.

This program is for those who have some experience with street-workout-style training and wish to take things to the next level, both aesthetically with their physique and athletically with gymnastic/calisthenics movements.

You’ll be training 4 days a week doing different staple calisthenics exercises.

Each day you’ll have access to specific training blocks with different features and methods of progression:

A targeted warm-up Strength training circuits for “push” and “pull” exercises Technical work on calisthenics and gymnastics movements Core training and isometric circuits

Whether done on the floor, parallel bars, dip bars, snake bars, pull-up bars, or monkey bars, the variety of exercises this program offers is unique and comprehensive. You’ll find dozens of movements with different variations from easy to hard:

Horizontal and vertical “push” exercises: numerous push-up and dip variations Horizontal and vertical “pull” exercises: numerous pull-up and row variations. Core strength and abs: comprehensive core and ab-strengthening work with unique exercises to discover Gymnastic movements: work on moves like front and back levers, handstands, L-sits, human flags/dragon flags, etc.

You’ll be doing exercise variations that match your ability level and you'll progress each session thanks to increasing intensity and training volume. Different forms of training in this program will excel your strength. Adjustments are made to all exercises to match your level.

Street Workout is a well-structured and comprehensive training program that’ll make you a true urban athlete.

If you thrive on exercising outdoors and mastering your body weight, the Street Workout program is just for you!

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Start Street Workout

Body zones

Trapezius, biceps, triceps, forearms, pectorals, abs, back, shoulders, arms.

Start Street Workout


Start Street Workout


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