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Too busy to train for thirty minutes to an hour on end? Want to stop being a couch potato? Ready to discover an innovative concept that revolutionizes training? FizzUp has the perfect program for you.

The equipment-free Snacking program gets you moving in short bursts for a few minutes at a time and maximizes the health benefits of exercise.

You’ll no longer need to worry about being inactive! Whether it's at home, at work, or anywhere else in the world, the Snacking program is the solution to get moving daily when you're grappling with your schedule or if you're prioritizing an active lifestyle.

In the Snacking program, you 'portion out' your exercise routine by practicing physical exercise in short periods of 2 to 5 minutes several times a day.
By dividing up brief periods of activity throughout the day, this program lets you meet your daily exercise needs without even realizing it. These exercise "snacks" offer numerous health benefits and accumulate to around 30–40 minutes a day in total.

These small periods of exercise are extremely beneficial for your health by raising your level of activity for the day and decreasing time spent sedentary (linked to many chronic health risks).

Moving more throughout the day benefits your body and improves productivity and concentration.

Moreover, this strategy increases your daily caloric expenditure to help you burn more calories and lose weight. In this program, you will be given different activity blocks spread out across the day.

Each exercise is adapted to your difficulty level and can be done any time, anywhere. Depending on your schedule, all you have to do is follow the coach's recommendations, which are short and super effective: Wake up: your morning dose of activity. The ideal combination of strength, abs, and cardio to feel awake and fresh in less than five minutes.

Break: a circuit to get you moving and your blood flowing again late morning and to prevent you from being glued to your chair.

Lunch: this session has a sporty touch to it. You'll find a range of exercises to get you moving with no trouble in 5 to 10 minutes.

Afternoon snack: a little movement circuit to bring up your energy before the end of the day.

Aperitif: a touch of abs/glutes to keep up your rhythm and improve posture. Good night: a bit of stretching to loosen up and reward yourself for an active day.

Each day, you’ll be given six training blocks. Whether it’s strength work, abs work, or stretching, everything adds up at the end of the day to make a complete session. You’ll be gobbling up minutes of exercise without even realizing it.

Take part in the healthiest form of snacking there is and incorporate exercise throughout your day with Snacking by FizzUp.

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Start Snacking

Body zones

Biceps, triceps, pectorals, abs, back, shoulders, thighs.

Start Snacking


Start Snacking


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