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What’s the perfect equipment-free workout program to help you burn calories and tone up your body in record time? FizzUp’s Maxi Burn!

Lose weight and get stronger in minimum time with this top bodyweight workout plan.

Maxi Burn is a fitness program of three workouts a week, each lasting 20 minutes or less. This routine is a smart combination of cardio and strength training with a clever touch of core exercises, all organized into circuits that will ramp up your calorie burn with maximum intensity.

Completely equipment free, women of all fitness levels can do this program and witness impressive results in just three weeks.

A smaller waist, sculpted abs, leaner thighs and rounder glutes. This is what you can achieve with FizzUp’s Maxi Burn program, a no-equipment workout routine that gets you the weight loss results you expect.

Experience the best bodyweight exercises to slim down your physique, like mountain climbers, sprawls, squats and many more!

Maxi Burn is packed with a wide array of cardio circuits to boost your metabolism and your motivation to break a sweat. Add some strength training and core exercises to round out this no-equipment weight loss program.

Get ready to maximize your calorie burn with a fun variety of unique workouts. And that’s not all. Maxi Burn is also designed to enhance your overall physical fitness and stamina. What more could you ask for?

If your goal is to lose weight, Maxi Burn is the program for you.

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Body zones

Abs, glutes, adductors, hips, thighs.

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