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Do you think that body weight or dumbbell exercises won’t help improve your lower body strength? Think again!

The Lower body strengthening program will prove otherwise. With FizzUp you don’t need a gym with fancy machines and 300kg of weights, you can work out your lower body at home whatever your level.

You can develop rock hard, amazingly strong thighs with body weight exercises or with dumbbells. FizzUp lets you choose!.

This 3 week program is based on a well rounded workout schedule that will help you gain in muscle mass (including in the bottom area ;)) and improve your explosive strength.

All your thigh muscles will be worked during the 3 workouts per week. The lower body program will strengthen your quads, hamstrings, bottom and calves in the shortest time possible. During the workouts you will focus on the lower body muscle groups and help you increase muscle mass and overall strength. The program mixes volume and intensity to help you improve on all levels.

Each workout has an original theme but with one single goal; workout your thighs as efficiently as possible. Each workout has a warm up, several strength sections and a stretching section.

This bodyweight workout program for legs is much more than just squats and lunges. You will discover the best bodyweight exercises for lower body strength and lots of alternatives to keep it interesting. No more squats or hip lifts!

The program has 3 difficulty levels to personalise the workouts for your level.

The principles of gradually increasing the load are respected to help you gain in muscle mass through an increase in repetitions and weight.

Lower body is a material free program for the lower body that will transform your legs and your overall physical condition. Start now!

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Start Lower body

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Trapezius, pectorals, abs, glutes, back, shoulders, hips, arms, thighs, adductors, calves.

Start Lower body


Start Lower body


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