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Start Easy on the Knees

Suffering from a torn ligament? A hamstring strain? A sprained ankle? If you think all of these injuries spell the end of your workout routine, then think again! A leg injury doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to regular exercise. It just means you have to rethink your strategy and use alternative movements. You can still maintain fitness while recovering from an injury with our Easy on the Knees program!

If you work out often, we know it’s hard being forced to take a break from exercise because of an injury. That’s why we make it possible to keep moving and do exercises that won’t cause you pain where you’re healing. Full rest is sometimes recommended after an injury, but your doctor may still allow you to do upper body exercises if you’ve experienced a leg injury. Pain or physical constraints don’t have to keep you from living an active lifestyle! Just because your lower body mobility is limited doesn’t mean you can’t use your upper body instead. Working out after an injury can even help you speed up the healing process and free your mind of the stress from the injury.

Start FizzUp’s Easy on the Knees program and stay fit when you’re injured with an effective upper body routine. Even if you can’t do push-ups because of leg pain, you can still do them against the wall. All it takes it a little creativity!

With this three-week workout plan of three workouts a week, you’ll do exercises that focus on your upper body while your lower body injury heals. Complete with strength training, abs exercises and stretches, this program requires little to no use of your legs.

Consider your temporary injury as a chance to stay fit despite a weakness. Recovering from a leg injury isn’t fun for anyone, but that’s no reason to completely stop your exercise routine! If you need a way to keep working out with your leg injury, Easy on the Knees is the program you’re looking for!

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Start Easy on the Knees

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Trapezius, biceps, triceps, forearms, pectorals, abs, back, shoulders, arms.

Start Easy on the Knees


Start Easy on the Knees


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