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Feel like throwing a barbell into the mix when training at home? Want to gain a maximum amount of muscle with minimal constraint? FizzUp has the king of barbell strength training programs: the 100% barbell program, BB-600.

BB-600 is a muscle-building program with a plan 100% customized to be done with a simple barbell and weights. This routine gives you 4 sessions per week over 3 weeks for unmatched muscle and strength gains via a carefully planned program.

This at-home strength-training program allows you to effectively work each muscle group through “upper body” and “lower body” sessions for maximum stimulation and hypertrophy.

It's an ideal training frequency for beginners or intermediates who wish to strength train with a barbell hassle-free. It allows you to target each muscle group 2 times per week to optimally spread out volume and intensity. As these two variables gradually increase each session, you'll progress mid-term and long-term without spending hours training.

Each session includes exercises that challenge and fatigue key muscle groups for maximum results. You’ll start with compound movements (e.g. squats, bench press, deadlifts) and continue with isolation exercises (e.g. bicep curls, triceps extensions, upright rows) to fully stimulate your muscles and squeeze out extra growth.

The program is planned to guarantee progression. Exercises, sets, reps, load, and rest time have all been carefully chosen by FizzUp. All you have to do is start your session, train, and make gains!

Sessions are comprehensive and include a warm-up block, a barbell training block, an abs training block, and a stretching block.

This program maxes out your muscle gains at home with the best time-investment ratio. It adapts to your level through an initial evaluation and lets you restart the program as much as you want, accounting for the progress you've made.

This plan is based on the key principle of progressive overload to ensure you lift more weight and do more reps. Why progressive overload? The body quickly adapts to training. Therefore, if you don’t challenge it with heavier weight or more reps, you won’t progress. This is crucial for building strength and muscle.

You must constantly push yourself to progress. BB-600 applies just the right amount of stress to your body to bring about change in a few weeks by modifying the volume or intensity of each exercise in each session. This will help you advance and gain muscle in the long term.

Ready to max out your gains with FizzUp? Stop waiting and start the BB-600 program!

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Start BB-600

Body zones

Trapezius, pectorals, glutes, calves, back, shoulders, arms, thighs.

Start BB-600


Start BB-600


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