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Want an equipment-free training concept that is unlike your typical mainstream program? FizzUp offers you a simple yet very effective method to make you gain muscle in little time without equipment.

The 3x3x3 strength training program is the best of the best to gain muscle, strength, and perfect exercise technique in a smooth and fun fashion. No matter your level, if you’re looking for a strength program that perfects your bodyweight training, 3x3x3 is for you.

Here is the foundation of 3x3x3 strength training:

The first “3” = frequency The second “3” = exercises The third “3” = programming

Take on a new form of training during this 3-week equipment-free program: 3 sessions done per week with 3 distinct training blocks of 3 exercises.

With a new theme each week, the blocks repeat themselves to perfect your technique and execution of each exercise. At the same time, the principle of progressive overload is applied to each movement to make you progress in strength, muscle, and power.

Here's the program in short: 3 lots of 3 circuits of 3 exercises (3x3x3) for a total duration of thirty minutes.

Each training block (strength, cardio, abs) acts differently on the body. Sessions include sequences of bodyweight exercises to work all the main muscle groups, so you'll be gaining strength and making gains in no time!

Practice makes perfect. That's why repping out each movement in a session is crucial. Your body has a memory, just like your brain. It identifies new stimuli and adapts to them. You'll need to repeat a movement again and again to learn and master it. Increasing reps for each exercise will perfect your muscle memory and increase strength.

Accessible for all, this program challenges YOU and YOUR limits. Exercises contain options that let each individual give it their all.

Gather a bottle of water, a towel, and your motivation. We’ll take care of the rest! It’s so simple that you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it from the start.

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Start 3x3x3

Body zones

Pectorals, abs, back, shoulders, arms, thighs.

Start 3x3x3


Start 3x3x3


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