Ready to go above and beyond your limits? Boost your physical fitness and build muscle with these bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. Think 100 reps or 100 seconds is impossible? Think again!

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Ready for a serious fitness challenge? Need to increase your physical and mental abilities? Then FizzUp’s Centurion workout program is waiting for you.

This one-of-a-kind method promises to multiply your workout intensity by 100! Get out your favorite workout gear, grab your dumbbells, start your warm-up and kick off these three weeks of tough training.

What’s the goal? To reach the number 100, either in a single go or after several sets. Whether that's 100 repetitions or 100 seconds, you’ll experience totally unique exercise blocks during each workout. With strength, abs and cardio, nothing is left to chance with this hardcore training program!

You’ll do three challenging workouts a week, interspersed with rest days. And believe us, you’re going to need them!

These long, intense and difficult sets will make you push all your physical and mental boundaries. During these nine workouts, you’ll put your body to the test in order to unleash its full potential.

If you think your body and mind can handle the burning and stinging, this type of training offers tons of benefits.

A 100-rep workout boosts your muscular endurance by bringing your muscles as closely as possible to failure. This helps them build incredible stamina for taking on similar physical demands in the future. You’ll be ready to resist any effort thanks to adequate recovery time, greater physical conditioning and better blood flow.

Another advantage? Extremely long sets work your muscle fibers with fast and slow contractions at the same time using a prolonged physical demand at a lower intensity. Even if your load is light, training to failure recruits all of your muscle fibers, which is something those who practice strength training often overlook.

Discover unique combinations of exercises that will make you gain strength, endurance, muscle mass and mental toughness. This training routine contains bodyweight and dumbbell exercises such as burpees, deadlifts, push-ups, Z presses, L-sit, push presses, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, snatch, squats, bench presses, plank variations and so many others!

This is the best of bodyweight and dumbbell strength training in a single program that will make you give your all.

Centurion is designed to make your body gradually progress over three weeks. By the end of this program, you’ll enjoy more strength, higher muscular endurance and better overall physical fitness.

Craving maximum intensity and the ultimate variety? You’ve got it with a Centurion workout!

Be proud to say, “I did it” after three weeks!

  • Mike
    "I got results with this perfect mix of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises. Centurion’s protocols give you a unique goal to reach, and if you’re like me, you’ll push yourself hard to reach it. I’m doing this program again just to beat my records."
  • Lonny
    "I really liked Centurion! This was a super tough cross training program but it had a nice variety of exercises so I never got bored. The workout intensity always felt balanced, too."
  • Steven
    "So surprised I made it to the end and couldn’t wait to do this program again. Centurion’s got lots of different and intense exercise circuits. It’s everything you need to break a serious sweat and get results. This is the best program I’ve done so far on FizzUp!"