Spring through nature with workouts for trail running.

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Are you crazy about trail running? Do you love exploring forests, trails, mountains, and fields?

This is FizzUp’s program for those passionate about trail running and exploring nature. You’ll have 3 workouts per week with different focuses like legs, core, proprioception, and balance.

In this program, you’ll find exercises to prepare your body for trail runs, specifically those with an uphill focus.

Trail running is a physically and mentally demanding form of exercise. Running uphill and downhill means you challenge your body in different ways during your outings: you need strength and power when ascending and lightness and skill when descending. Lower-body and upper-body strength exercises will prepare you optimally for the various physical demands of trail running. Core training will also help you practice good body positioning when exerting effort.

The program’s main exercises include close-stance squats, half pistol squats, planks with leg raises, twisting crunches, and glute bridges to strengthen your lower back, glutes, and abductors.

As well as physical training, you’ll also work on body control and positioning. Proprioception exercises will improve control of your strides and strengthen your ankles. This program will significantly reduce your risk of injury.

Trail will give you a solid base of strength to take on trail running.
So, ready to spring through nature like a cheetah? Start FizzUp’s Trail program!