This 3-week dumbbell and resistance band training program gets you jacked. Focusing individually on the upper body, abs, and full body, DB.E will bring you gains.

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Want to get jacked without having to pay for an expensive gym membership?

Just gather your dumbbells and resistance bands and start this program!

This program by FizzUp lasts 3 weeks with 3 sessions per week, all geared to get you building muscle through individually varying sessions with dozens of exercises. All you’ll need are resistance bands and dumbbells!

With this FizzUp program, you’ll be doing full-body work plus more targeted upper-body and abs work.

The DB.E program will give you the best way to combine dumbbells and resistance bands for training!

Resistance bands allow you to challenge yourself with movements you’ve already mastered, like the push-up, crunch, or Russian twist, by adding extra resistance.
Dumbbells let you isolate muscle groups using a heavier load for better results. Dumbbells are very versatile in the way they not only allow you to do weight training exercises but also add extra weight to bodyweight movements to get you stronger and build more muscle. Overall, this program takes advantage of these two tools to allow you to build muscle optimally. All you need to do is get started :)

So, ready to get your dumbbells and resistance bands and start DB.E? You won’t be turning back ;)