Resist is FizzUp’s resistance band workout program designed to help you tone your body. With the help of this strength training plan for women, you can sculpt your entire body with a simple resistance band in less than 3 weeks!

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New to training with resistance bands? Want to sculpt your body with this simple piece of equipment? Then FizzUp’s Resist is the program you’re looking for.

This resistance band workout program is for you if you’re tired of your workout routine, you’re traveling or you just want to dust off those resistance bands you got for Christmas.

Resist is a three-week plan of three workouts a week for women of all fitness levels and only requires your own body weight and a resistance band for sculpting the physique you crave.

Resistance bands are a simple and effective way to tone and shape your body. A fun and versatile fitness tool, resistance bands are easy on the joints and enable you to home in on the muscle groups you want without the hassle of bulky equipment.

These workouts with resistance bands don’t require an anchor point for your resistance band, which means you can work out where you want, when you want with sessions under 20 minutes. You’ll strengthen your thighs, glutes, arms, back, shoulders and abs. Resist works them all to help you finally sculpt your body with your resistance bands.

Resist includes unique and strategically designed training protocols that unite the top resistance exercises, such as squats, glute bridges, lateral raises, rows, lunges, triceps extensions and deadlifts. These resistance band workouts for women contain dozens of new exercises for you to discover.

Stuck in a hotel room? That’s fine! A resistance band and your FizzUp app are all you need for 10-30 minutes of training with Resist.

You can expect results with this resistance band workout routine whether you’re a beginner or a resistance band pro, just by changing the resistance of your band.

And to top it all off, Resist brings you the best resistance band stretching exercises, making it so easy to improve your flexibility and keep injuries at bay.

FizzUp’s Resist program is body sculpting made easy with resistance bands. Get started now!

  • Annie
    "A good program that got me visible results after 3 weeks. Sometimes I had trouble finishing all the reps, but the challenge is what makes you improve. I’m going to do this program again and again!"
  • Melody
    "Lots of variety and quick workouts. I never knew a resistance band could do so much to reshape my body! I can already see that my thighs and abs are more toned. I can't wait for even more results!"
  • Alyssa
    "Loved this program! It was a challenge for me. FizzUp helped me get back into exercise. I'm always on the go and I love being able to do strength training anywhere with just a resistance band! ?"