FizzUp’s 4-week strength training program designed for the gym! Fortify your entire physique with short and intense workouts.

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Need a gym workout routine to achieve your dream body? FizzUp’s got it with Gym: the weight training program for women! Get maximum results in minimum time with these body sculpting workouts designed for the gym. That’s our promise!

FizzUp’s gym workout plan for women is personalized to fit your goal and fitness level. With three workouts a week for four weeks, each one under 45 minutes, you’ll tone, sculpt and revolutionize your whole body. This is the best gym routine if you want to optimize the time you spend in the gym.

With Gym, you’ll work your entire physique during each session as you focus on your upper or lower body. You’ve got everything you need in this gym workout schedule to forge an evenly toned and stronger body.

Gym will get you a rounder butt, sculpted shoulders and slimmer thighs. This workout plan’s sets, reps, weight and rest times were all carefully selected to get you jaw-dropping results!

With every workout, you’ll work all your key muscle groups using compound exercises that stimulate your muscles as much as possible and help you get stronger. You’ll also get a range of isolation exercises to better target specific muscle groups.

Gym is a strength training routine made to transform your body! Get ready to gain strength, build mass and increase your muscular endurance.

Gym is based on a method called progressive overload. Why? Because your body is intelligent. It will only change if you challenge it. But if you ask your body to do too much too soon, you’ll soon hit a progress plateau. This gym workout plan applies the perfect amount of stress on your body to change it for the better in just 4 weeks.

Ready to sculpt your body in the gym with FizzUp? Then start the Gym program now!

  • Laura
    "Perfect for someone like me who’s new to the gym. I built quite a bit of muscle and strength after 4 weeks and will definitely do this program again!"
  • Tiffany
    "I thought Gym was a great program with lots of variety. The amount of weight it suggested was always right for my level. I loved this clear and simple workout plan and made super fast progress in 4 weeks."
  • Roxane
    "This was an excellent gym routine. It evenly sculpted my entire body with tons of different workouts that are actually effective. A huge achievement for me!"