FizzUp’s here to keep you on track to results! Gain muscle and strength in less than 3 weeks with Muscle 2: a short, effective and equipment-free routine that’s fully optimized for your fitness level.

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Ready for part 2 of FizzUp’s flagship bodyweight workout plan for mass? Muscle 2 brings you the exact workouts you need to keep you on track to more muscle mass after the first Muscle program.

It’s time to take your results to the next level with Muscle 2! Continuing your workout routine with this program is how you’ll keep making progress and never hit a training plateau. Muscle 2 is based on three weeks of progressive overload using volume, intensity and exercise variations to guarantee you build mass with enough muscle stimulation.

Thanks to these 100% bodyweight workouts for mass at home, FizzUp gives you the best training experience that’s actually right for your fitness level and needs. Muscle 2 mainly includes workouts to build muscle in your upper body so that you’re left with evenly sculpted pecs, arms, shoulders and abs.

With FizzUp, you’ll get a fully personalized no-equipment workout plan. Muscle 2 uses your performance to ensure its workouts are adjusted to your fitness level. Whether you’re a beginner or have experience under your belt, every workout you do is right for you.

Want more strength training? Abs exercises? Stretching? Some cardio? During every session, you can pick and choose the workout content you want to do depending on your goal or what you feel like doing at the time.

Muscle 2 stands out with innovative variations both in terms of exercises and training protocols. This combination helps trigger muscle growth, boost strength and keep your routine interesting… everything you need to stick with it and achieve results down the road. Muscle 2 isolates every muscle in your upper body with our users’ top-rated exercises.

Get ready to discover new variations of push-ups, crunches, planks and even dips using pyramid, drop-set and linear protocols. You’re never going to stagnate or get bored!

Are you less about the aesthetics of bigger muscles and more about honing your athletic skills, such as strength, power and muscular endurance? With Muscle 2, you can do that, too.

Muscle 2 is a fusion of the exercises, diversity and workout protocols you need to keep getting results. See for yourself when you start Muscle 2 now!

  • Luke
    "A great program for upper body building. Lots of different and intense workouts. I made a major improvement in muscle mass."
  • Noah
    "I loved Muscle 2! The exercises weren’t too tough but still challenging."
  • Tim
    "Awesome workouts that can really help you. Can’t wait for part 3!"