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Christmas (and all its delicious goodies) are just around the corner! There’s no way you should deprive yourself during this special time of year. That’s why FizzUp is giving you three Christmas cookie recipes you can choose from that are right for your fitness goal and eating habits. 1 |

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This year, shake up your traditions! Instead of eating a few extra calories every day, open your FizzUp app to help you count down the days until Christmas! WHICH ADVENT CALENDAR SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? Today, companies are getting more and more creative with the Advent calendars they sell. Behind every

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The holidays are here and you’re probably already thinking about making some healthy resolutions that can wait until January 1. Did you know that with a few easy tips, you can avoid overeating and even prevent weight gain during the holidays without depriving yourself? Use these six helpful tips to

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December is probably one the months when your workout motivation is at its lowest. During the festive season, the stores bursting with all kinds of mouthwatering treats and there’s lots to celebrate with a hearty meal. With so much going on, we’re guessing that working out isn’t really on your

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The FizzUp trainer is taking a closer look at what’s on your Christmas dinner plate, telling you more about the nutritional value of the most popular dishes people savor during this time of the year. He’s here to help you choose the foods that will balance your diet and keep you from

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