How to Do 2 FizzUp Programs at the Same Time

With such an extensive catalog of FizzUp programs at their fingertips, many of our users have asked us if they can do two programs at the same time. And the answer is YES! Here’s how.

Starting a new program

If you want to change programs or start a new one in the app, go to the workout tab (tap the stopwatch icon at the bottom of your screen), then go to the programs section.

Tap the poster of the program you want to start to view its info page. Next, tap the “START NOW” button at the bottom of your screen to start a new program.

Once you start a new program, you’ll see the words “In progress” on its poster when you return to the list of programs.

Pausing one program to start another

What if you want to do two programs using the same FizzUp account in the app?

Please note that this is only possible via our iOS and Android apps after you’ve saved at least one workout on another program.

When you’re ready to start a second program, go to the workout tab, then go to the programs section.

From there, select the second program you want to do. Once you’re on the program’s info page, tap the “START NOW” button.

A pop-up will display asking if you want to pause your current program and start a second one. Confirm your selection by tapping “Yes.” This will start your new program.

To switch between your paused programs, just follow the same process you used to select your program from the list of programs.

When you want to continue a program you’ve paused, make sure to tap “Resume” and not “Restart” when the pop-up displays.

From the list of programs, you can also see the progress percentage of the programs you’ve paused displayed on their posters.

Examples of programs you can pair

Guys, a common yet mighty combo is a program that maximizes muscle gain and a program that triggers fat burn. With this in mind, a dumbbell program from our DB or Build series paired with a program from our HIIT series is a great way to go. If you prefer bodyweight workouts, you can try pairing the programs Beach Body and HIIT instead. 

Ladies, if you want to lose weight and tone up, you can do this by selecting two programs that complement each other. We recommend pairing our programs Burn and Booty to accelerate your progress both in terms of weight loss and strength training.

Beware of the interference effect!

Although combining multiple programs can be fun, more motivating and help you progress in multiple ways, there are still some precautions you should take.

FizzUp’s programs are designed to get you to a specific goal. Working out hard with a different program every day can hinder your progress because of something known as the “interference effect.”

Sometimes it’s better to do an entire program with all its recommended additional workouts so that you make progress toward a specific goal, instead of stretching yourself thin by doing several programs at the same time.

Once you consider this, you can create dozens of FizzUp program combinations with the help of this guide! If you’re still wondering which FizzUp programs you should pair, feel free to get in touch with our support team at!

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